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P stands for "Pisces" -- as well as for "Poof goes the pin cushion project when one fails to properly plan."

Two weeks or so ago, I watched Youtube videos in which sewists seemed to effortlessly create those cute, round pin cushions from scraps of various prints and colors. By Jove, if I could imitate what I saw in those videos, I could wind up with a cornucopia of those darling fabric spheres -- enough to give away as Christmas presents. No I didn't know anyone on my Yule list who sewed, but who -- excluding my husband -- could be cruelly honest enough to voice his or her displeasure at receiving a pin cushion he or she didn't need?

Make way! I headed for my scrap bags. Years ago in the days before I realized how much scrap a "wazzat?" project could generate, I purchased a bag of scraps for five dollars from a downtown store owner and quilter. Considering the amount of fabric in those plastic shopping bags, there had to be fabrics with green and blue shades. Not only were those my favorite shades, but they fit beautifully a Pisces-inspired color scheme. 

While going through scraps, I recalled the cushions were spheres. Did that mean I needed to sew curves when I could barely sew a straight line? Oh well, I didn't feel like reviewing those recordings, so that I had better stick with my shaky ability to sew straight lines.After sewing and stuffing my rectangular cushion with fiberfill, I thought a cute "P" on top would make my creation more artistic. Why not an attempt at embroidery when my attempt at free motion had gone heart-breakingly wrong? Based on the result of my embroidery effort, I decided it must be best to embroider the design on the surface before you sew together the pin cushion. After ripping away the back stitches, I decided I would  bind my pin cushion as a quilter binds her quilt.

Oh dear! Due to my not-so-great skill at sewing straight lines, I needed to use a very wide strip to act as a binding for the main body.The fabric I wanted to use was a remnant of a pieced cloth cut from the store owner's quilt. The remnant was very narrow, but the Aries in me shoved aside any inkling and aimed for the slightest possibility of things turning out as I hoped -- which explains why I'm showing you the front of my cushion and not the back. If you look toward the lower right of the cushion, you will see how I miscalculated where to stop stitching -- and things went downhill after that. I decided not to stitch down the binding in the back of cushion because I wanted more  binding to show. 

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Comment by Sharon Maynard on February 8, 2016 at 3:01pm

If I were to give a new sewist a sewing kit, that sewing kit would include scissors, machine needles, and an unpicker, 

Comment by Karen on February 8, 2016 at 2:31pm
Gosh, you should see the mistakes I make trying to get some things done. My unpicker is my best friend (especially as she won't tell!)

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