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It's MIL's birthday at the end of this month, and when I asked what she would like, she said one of my aprons.  When I said what do you want on it she surprised me by saying a Teddy!

I have done a Teddy for my kid size aprons, but I decided rather than scale it up to an adult size pocket I would do a new design for her.  This one was a little basic and I wanted something better.  

I broke my own recycling rule and went shopping for fabric.  I found the perfect thing at my local Patchwork & Quilting shop "Sew Creative" a lovely collection of Teddy Bears!   It's called 1012 Bear Crowd, by The Henley Studio from Makower UK.  I matched it up with a strong terracotta sheet in my stash to do the co-ordinating pocket, lining and straps.

I googled Teddy Bears but couldn't see anything appealing.  Then  I decided to use my own little Ted as a model!  I sketched him out on a sheet of paper the same size as the finished pocket.

When I was happy with it, I went over it with a Sharpie, then turned it over.  The image was clear enough for me to trace the component parts straight onto Bondaweb.  I cut the pocket and lining out and applied iron-on woven interfacing to both, then cut out the Teddy.

I decided to use corduroy as a) it was the right colour and b) it would add a little texture and "fluff"!  I found some bits of linen like curtain fabric for his pads etc.

I bonded the torso on, then stitched it with a zig-zag stitch, followed by the arms and then the legs.  Following the sketch, I used the same zig-zag stitch to draw the line where the ears joined the head, and the shape of the feet.  I left the other 'seam' lines off as they wouldn't work with the corduroy lines being straight.  I added the muzzle, insides of the ears and the foot pads. Lastly the nose and eyes went on.

Then I spent ages debating over a ribbon for his neck.  The problems were size and fraying and then colour and pattern.  I nearly stole Ted's ribbon but in the end found this thin one in my stash and decided it would do nicely.  I hand stitched it in place, leaving the ends of the loops loose.

With Teddy finished I made the pocket up.  (I always do 3 stitches across each of the corners as I was taught to do for sharp collar points in dressmaking!)   

I made an open ended strap for the neck as I was not adding a D ring this time, and the waist straps have one closed end and the other is left raw.  All ready to assemble!

So here it is, I hope she likes it!

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Comment by Susan on March 17, 2013 at 12:06pm

totally cute and thank you for sharing your steps!!!!!!!!!!!!

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