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By Jude Hathaway

Last week, the New Zealand Fashion Museum's pop-up exhibition, "Home Sewn: Original New Zealand Fashion", opened in Auckland. It is not surprising that a number of the garments on show were created by Otago and Southland women. Jude Hathaway reports.


At the time when Kiwi blokes were becoming masters of the "can do No8 wire" approach to getting things they needed, New Zealand women were adopting a similar attitude.

If they could not buy the clothes they wanted because of either cost or unavailability, they would jolly well make them themselves.

The result was the evolution of a buoyant home-sewing industry.

Notable Auckland fashion designer and founder of the New Zealand Fashion Museum Doris de Pont, whose appetite for creating beautiful garments was whetted by skills she learned as a home sewer, has set up "Home Sewn" to present a retrospective view of this evolution.  {read on!}





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