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Another Memories Cushion, A Glenda Clutch Bag, and A Smaller Stow-it-All Bag

I have been busy for the last month, making more of things I have made before so I didn't bother to post about them, but I thought I would share pictures of the results.

1.  Another Memories Cushion 

Having shown my first memory cushion (blogged here) I was asked to make another one.  Once again it started with changing a colour photo to a sepia-style picture, then printing it on to printable linen.  That is where it went all went wrong; the picture was too faint to see, the next was shades of pink instead of brown as it was low on ink, then I got more ink but splotches on the fabric (even though the test print was fine) then I ran out of printable fabric!  

Eventually it all came together, and got to do the fun bit, the embroidery inspired again by Brian Haggard's book "Embroidered Memories".

2. Another Glenda Convertible Clutch (Swoon Patterns)

I as given some fabric remnants recently, fell in love with this strawberry print, and made another Glenda.  This was full size, using Soft & Stable and a twist lock.  I had made notes when I made the last couple (here and a smaller one here) so I knew to cut the S&S full sized.  I used the exterior main panels (once they were joined) to cut the Soft & Stable and attached it with a 1/8" seam.  Once the bag was assembled I trimmed it out of the seams with my applique scissors.

I chose this green with white spots for the lining, and got the 3/4 inch swivel clip hooks from (everyone else had 1" or 1/2").  However, I made it in such a hurry to see the finished bag I forgot to add my usual pockets to the inside.  Once finished I realised I really needed somewhere for my phone if my purse went in the zippered divider.

So being me, I went back, unpicked and removed the divider, re-opened the lining then added a zipped pocket in the back and a slip pocket in the front.  Working through the opening was a bit awkward.  Then I resealed the lining and put the divider back in.   I have added a note to my instructions to add the extra pockets when I make the lining in future!

3. Another 15% smaller Stow-it-All bag.

I made this Stow-it-All for my sister's birthday last December, it's 15% smaller than the pattern (blogged here).  Now she asked me to make her another Stow-it-All for the summer, exactly the same but in blue.  Blue roses?  I spent a lot of time looking for furnishing weight fabrics and eventually gave up and chose quilt weight cottons instead.

So here it is, as near as I could get it to "exactly the same but blue" with one noticeable difference, I used a heart-shaped twist lock this time.  It's by Emmaline Bags, but I bought it from Bobbin Girl here in the u.k. so I didn't have to wait for it to ship from Canada.

So I have been busy!


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