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Well I have been busy making some more Adult sized aprons to be Christmas presents.


The first was for a gardener, who was fond of the colour Aubergine.  Having ransacked my stock of recycled fabrics I ended up using this marbled green for the apron and added the aubergine by way of the heart on the can and butterflies on the bib.  Its longer than I normally do by special request.


I was quite pleased with it, I even managed to find a slightly darker version of the watering can fabric to do the shaded side of the handle!  A bit subtle, and I did think afterwards I should have done holes in the spout!



I never know when to stop when it comes to the Butterflies - I was going to add plain spots of colour on the tips but decided less was more!  I hand embroidered their antennae.



The request for an apron for a music lover made a lovely challenge!  I chose  a violin as it had nice details and seemed "do-able".  I decided against putting a bow across it as it would just have been a black line.  The music notes came out well, nice and curvy!



I used corduroy for the body of the violin, which added another dimension.  The strings showed up well, I used a zig zag stitch in grey thread.  


It certainly made a nice change from doing Butterflies and Cupcakes!

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