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I don't know where the time has gone!  

I still haven't removed the lining from my faux leopardskin coat, and I have already accumulated a new pile of rather nice wool skirts (donated by my MIL) and yet another pile of denim jeans for recycling.


So I have plenty of fabric to use, and I also have a pile of bag patterns I have bought but have yet to try;


I have some free and some bought patterns from Lisa Lam of  I bought The Chic Chain Purse Kit -

and the required a purse frame, and  I started doing hand embroidery on black satin to make an evening bag, but never finished it....

Big n' Beautiful Betty - required an outsized purse frame.  I did actually make this!  I used some of my mum's patchwork pieces and gave it to my cousin as a "Thank You" present.

The Love Basket -


this requires bamboo handles.  Not done anything with this yet, not even bought the handles!


For Pleats Sake Tote - not tried this yet either, but Amy Butler has!

Ohh boy!  Even Amy Butler saw fit to have a 'Pleats Sake' Tote made in her Luscious Cameo fabrics.


When I wrote my first article on independant Bag Designers for the "Sewing Purses, Totes and Bags" sewing channel, I bought 2 patterns from Emma of Charlie's Aunt.  I did make them both (the Poachers Bag and the Home Guard clutch).  I had originally intended to make a bag by all the designers I wrote about, but I found too many of them!


This is the Poachers Bag Pattern I bought.    I must admit her designs would make good use of those wool skirts!



Long before I started writing articles on Designers, I fell in love with "Sherbet" by Melly & Me.  As soon as I saw it on, I knew I just had to buy it!



I made a pretty summer version, (right of picture) but it was a bit small so I made one 50% bigger - painstakingly working out the maths - and it was huge (left in picture).  So then I made one 25% bigger (I took the pattern pieces to the Library and they photocopied them 25% bigger for me) in winter fabrics and it was perfect (centre front in picture).




So then I made one for my sister, and since then made another one for a friend.   I did tailor the interior to my own needs as the pattern is actually the same on the inside as the outside, and I need pockets!  I cut my own pattern piece round the front panel when it was assembled.  I fitted a zipped pocket on one side for my purse, and a divided slip pocket on the other side.  On the smaller division I added a flap with velcro fastening to hold my mobile phone.  I also put a D ring in to clip my keys to.

It is still my favourite pattern, and I am thinking of using a combination of different denims to make myself another one!  I have amassed dark denim, light denim and pinstriped denim now so I think it will work!



I also bought their "Out with the Girls" clutch bag pattern and planned to use some more of my mum's patchwork pieces for that, but have not done anything with it since. Would it look good in tweed and wool?


I bought 'birdie sling' by Amy Butler and used it once.  I was horrified by the amount of material required so I recycled a curtain from the charity shop.  I had trouble stitching through the layers as my pieces did not match up as they should have apparently.  I passed it on as I didn't like the single handle, and it never felt 'right' for me, too baggy!



I have bought 2 patterns from Kat Southern of Studio Kat Designs but have not got around to using them yet either -



The Quattro - I loooove the way Kat uses her Kat Tricks for fabric embellishments on the front pocket.  I like the idea of a picture too, like her Middle Earth scene.  I fancy a Clarice Cliffe style picture myself!  I know someone who has made one though, Ann Rowley, the winner of the British Sewing Bee!



The Lollapalooza - I also loved the pieced patchwork version she did on this, so I bought her e-book "RockStar Peacework" and one day I may even get around to using it to create my own masterpieces!




I have one pattern from Lila Tueller Designs, The Metro Slouch Bag No 31.  I bought it as I liked the Satchel Look but I have not got around to trying it despite buying the hardware kit!



I have the @home messenger tote from the Janelle Wind Collection as I liked the idea of putting my own applique picture on the flap - yet to happen!


Any of you made any of these up?  If so any helpful comments?


On top of all these I have a file of PDF downloads of patterns, some free, some I have bought, and have yet to use.  

Then there are books.  I have both of Lisa Lam's "The Bag Making Bible" and "A Bag for all Reasons".   I was given Lynette Anderson's book "It's quilting Cats and Dogs", where I found the inspiration and pattern for my Butterfly bag!


I guess for some people it's shoes, for me it's bag patterns!  




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