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Beginner Sewing Classes For Children And Teens

I am in the process of developing a mini-camp program for Beginner and Basic Sewing classes for children and teens with our local Recreation Dept Leisure Services during the summer. It will be divided into two separate groups, ages 7 - 11 in one and 12 & up in another. I know I will need to keep it simple especially for the younger group. We have talked about a few different ideas of what to make but I was wondering if any one here has any suggestions or other ideas? We can make some of the projects crafty as well or even no-sew project.

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Comment by Nancy on March 19, 2009 at 11:25am
Don't underestimate the sewing abilities of children. I learned to crochet at 10, embroider at 9, and knit at 10. These are skills that I will always cherish, because grandmothers and neighbors taught them to me. When I was a Brownie, our troop leader taught us to do blanket stitch on an oilcloth bag. Of course, the holes were pre-punched, and we used large needles with yarn. However, I never forgot how to do it.
Comment by Alexia on January 14, 2009 at 9:34am
Thanks, I will look for it.It is a coupe of years oder than I am as well but it sounds like it is worth th effort.
Comment by Shirley on January 14, 2009 at 8:31am
Alexia I used a book called Sewing is Fun by Edith Paul.Its copyright date is 1958 by Singer manufacturing Co and Scholastic Book Services.Mt girls have used this book and my nine year old is still learning from it.It has simple patterns and alot of usefull info in it.I know its old but the things you sew in it are timeless projects such as a needle case ,pincushion,eyeglass case, baby bib, place mats and napkins, aprons just to name a few items.It shows you how to hand sew and to machine sew plus all the basics. You might try finding this book. Its older than me by 12 years but I think its a great book for beginner projects and sewing information.

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