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Something Blue (Not that photo!)

This post is about five weeks overdue. I made Burda Evening Gown 105 form the November 2009 Issue.  Below is the magazine photos along with some photos of  Ashley's (My friend that trusted me so much to make this). It's one of the best dress I've sewn and it was not for me :)


The description reads: We don't know if mermaids kiss better, but we do know that they inspired this slinky glamor gown embellished with faux gems. What I know is that, this dress has become a favorite and I plan to make in the future as a blouse. As you can see, I opted not to included gems in Ashley's dress. Stretch Satin was used for the main body of the dress, and we also found this awesome Satin Rosette Embroidered


I've been sewing more and more Burda and I'm becoming more comfortable with their instructions.  This dress was really easy to put together. The tricky part was attaching the trumpet, mainly because I was staring away from the actual design and had to compensate for some changes. Because of the rosettes, pinched and gathered the trumpet portion of the dress. Rosettes were cutout and hand stitched into a tapered motif on the bodice.


I spent a lot more time adjusting the pattern to her measurements, it was important to get the right fit from the beginning. I only had about five full weeks to complete before the Ball, this included fabric shopping with her and measuring and fitting. I'm happy to say that the sewing of the dress was 2.5 weeks.

This dress is 100% recommended for dancing, great for twirling.

Hope you enjoyed my review and Happy Sewing!

Images [via Ashley & Renata]

Fabric: Joann's 

Pattern: Burda Magazine

The Couture Dress

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