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Chilford Quilting Festival 11/3/11 (outskirts of Cambridge, uk)

I have been to the Chilford Quilting Festival today, with 3 friends, and it was fabric-heaven!!

There were loads of quilts being shown in the centre of one of the barns, they were beautiful.  However, I must confess that I was shopping for bargains so much that I didn't have too much time for the vewing lol!!

All around the perimeter of this room were stalls selling everything,

horn cabinets, (gorgeous, but outta my price range),

books (hundreds of them)

fabric of all shapes and sizes,thicknesses and designs,

wadding and threads,

equipment and lights,

sewing machines that practically do everything except make a cup of tea

(wouldn't that be great!  Although it would put my Alan out of a job lol)


It was fantastic.  I got lots of bargains and some new ideas. 

Theres a quilting festival there twice a year.  Its a lovely location, 3 barns linked together providing loads of space.

It was busier this year I'm sure. 

Lots of jostling and pushing through the queue

Like a salmon swimming upstream I was !!

Then we went to a pub for a delicious meal, it was such a great day.

Came home, exhausted lol



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