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Yummy Christmas Cakes Applique Designs + Free Patterns to Download!

Last year I made these Christmas Aprons with the slogan "Seasons Eatings" and applique pictures of Christmas Cake, Mince Pies, Christmas Pudding and a Yule Log.  I gave you the pattern and instructions to make the aprons themselves in a free download here, but didn't include the applique designs.

So I am giving them to you now, as a Christmas Gift.  You will find the download links at the end of my instructions. They are exactly as I drafted them for myself, so please excuse the rough quality! They are scanned from my original drawings on tracing paper, including all the smudge marks from my rubbing out!


I bought fat quarters of cotton drill in white, black, red and green, from and used some faux suede in brown and beige from my stash.  For the piped icing I used some red braid trim.  You can use any scraps you have that are pre-washed. Select some co-ordinating threads.


1. Trace the whole design onto tracing paper.  We will call this the Layout Tracing.  You can use this to position the pieces; lie it on top of the design area and move the pieces into position underneath it (easier with long tweezers).

2. Then trace of the various component parts of the pattern onto Bondaweb/Wonderunder, and cut out leaving a half inch border.  If you want to reverse the pattern piece for the Yule Log branch, turn your Layout Tracing over and trace the other side.

3. Fuse these onto the corresponding coloured fabric, and cut out all the pieces on the drawn lines. Remove the paper backing.  Check you can tell the difference between the side with adhesive and the side without; if in any doubt pin the paper back on the sticky side for now.  I find a pin helpful to seperate the fabric from the paper.

I used my scalloped shears for the edges of my mince pies, but that is optional!

4. Fuse the cake plate into position on the apron (or cushion, or bag or whatever you are decorating!) and stitch in place with a narrow zig-zag stitch all round the edges.

5. I use free motion machine stitching and hand embroidery to embellish them. If you have not used these techniques or stitches before, I suggest you practice first or use alternate methods you are confident with.


1. Centre the white cake on the place and fuse.  Stitch in place with a narrow white zig-zag stitch. Fit the black 'cut section' inside the cake, fuse and stitch in the same way with black thread.  Repeat with the yellow 'marzipan' using yellow thread.

2. Drop your feed dogs, fit your embroidery/darning foot, thread the top with grey and your bobbin with black, then do random circular shapes with free motion embroidery to suggest the raisins.  Draw the centre 'cut' line and repeat a few times.  


3. Add trim (this is gimped furnishing braid) to represent the 'piped icing' (frosting) along the top and bottom of the cake.  Use a glue stick or double sided washaway tape to hold it in place.  

4. Raise your feed dogs, fit your usual foot again and re-thread your machine to match the colour of the trim you are using.  Stitch it in place with a row of straight stitches top and bottom, or a decorative zig-zag/tricot stitch across the trim.

5. Position the holly leaves on the top centre of the cake and fuse.  Again use free motion stitching (Drop your feed dogs, fit your embroidery/darning foot, thread the top with white/grey and your bobbin with grey/blackto fix in place and draw the veins of the leaves.  For the berries add a 'dot' to each to represent reflected light.


1. Using the Layout Tracing of the design, position the black pie fillings for the bottom row of pies. Fuse in place. Use free motion stitching to fix and to suggest fruit with some random circles.

2. Arrange the top and bottom of the pies on the black filling for the bottom layer of pies. Check positioning with the Layout Tracing, then fuse in place.  Stitch on with a narrow zig-zag stitch.  I used a straight stitch because it was easier than going round the scallops! 

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add the middle row, and repeat again for the top pie.  Use the Layout Tracing to check the positioning.

4. Centre the holly leaves on the top pie and fuse in place.  Stitch on and draw the veins with free motion stitching.  Centre the berries and fuse in place.  Use free motion to fix in place and add curved shading to one side of each berry.

5. Hand stitch the sprinkling of icing sugar using French or Colonial Knots


1. Centre the log on the plate, fuse and stitch in place with a narrow brown zig-zag.  Fit the spiral of cream filling on one end and fuse.  Stitch with a narrow cream zig-zag.

2. Fit the Icing (frosting) on the top, fuse and stitch on with a narrow white zig-zag.  Add the branch using the Layout Tracing to position, fuse and stitch with a narrow brown zig-zag.  Fit the spiral of cream filling on the end, fuse and stitch on in a matching thread.

3. Position the holly leaves using the Layout Tracing and fuse.  Use free motion stitching to fix and draw the veins. Repeat to apply the berries.  Add a spot of white to each berry to be reflected light.


1. Centre the pudding on the place, fuse and stitch in place using a narrow black zig-zag.  Use free motion stitching in random circular shapes to represent the fruit.  I did mine in black rather than grey, your choice.

2. Add the icing (frosting) top using the Layout Tracing.  Fuse and stitch on with a narrow white zig-zag.  Position the holly leaves using the Layout and fuse on.  Sew on and draw veins with free motion stitching.  Centre the Glacé (candied) cherry and fuse in place.  Stitch on with a narrow red zig-zag.  Add the white reflection as a finishing touch by machine or hand stitching a small square.


That's it.  If you have any queries, just ask.  No-one has proofread or tried them out so I have probably made loads of mistakes and omissions!

Here are the free downloads:


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Comment by Susan on November 25, 2016 at 12:50pm

Thank you Karen, they are lovely!!!!! 

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