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I got it in to my head the other day that I would love a long circle skirt. I blame YouTube for their "recommended" section that often lures me in to wasting hours on videos that I didn't plan to watch. It's shameful how much time I lose on that site.... 
Anyway, there was a lady that demonstrated how to turn a king-size sheet in to a "maxi" circle skirt. I will not link to the video because it was mostly awful and I didn't use any of her "instructions," but I mention it because it reminded me that I have a pile of flat sheets sitting around and being useless.

Do you use flat sheets in your home? We don't. Both of the males in my house seem to have internal furnaces that run hot at night, and they can barely stand the lightweight comforters that I force upon them. Thus, every time I buy new sheets the flat sheet gets tossed in a pile while I decide whether to make it in to a second fitted sheet (I'm still mulling it over..).  Anywho, I thought of my "stash" of sheets when I watched the video and realized that I needed to make a circle skirt immediately. 

Unfortunately, all of my flat sheets are this tan/beige/neutral color, and that is NOT my style at all.

Which brings me to the "dyeing debacle of 2015."

The above picture is "super saturated." Can you tell that the color is supposed to be ombre?
How about this one:

*sigh* I knew going in to this that it would be challenging since the fabric is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend.  But, I didn't think that the hour and a half that I wasted prepping, dipping, stirring, and cleaning up would produce such "meh" results.  I mean, at least it's not tan/beige/neutral anymore. Right?

Ultimately, I'm satisfied with it. The color is a very light denim shade of blue that should coordinate with just about anything. And, I will actually wear this since I LOVE LONG SKIRTS. The flat sheet fabric is light enough to drape well, but heavy enough to prevent windy day anxiety.

  The skirt is a fitted waist circle skirt with side zipper. I will have to make another waist adjustment because, you know, circle skirts are a pain in the ass and math is annoying. But, it fits very comfortably on my hips right now, so I'm wearing it. And, I busted however many yards are in a queen-sized sheet! 2.5?

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Comment by Karen on March 4, 2015 at 5:33pm

Love it, love that your sheets are sitting around being useless, love that you needed to make a circle skirt immediately, and enjoyed the dyeing debacle.  I had a similar experience with a tie-dyed tablecloth recently, I will post about it soon, but in the meantime the skirt looks good, as you say it hangs nicely and looks full.  Isn't sewing fun!

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