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For the past week I have  been trying to find a Cot quilt, the particular one  has a picture at the top  with a stuffed letter T which is part of an alphabet , which can be used to make a cot  Mobile. The main thing is  that at the bottom is a quilt for a Baby Cot, the picture and instructions show  small squares which are sewn together in strips and they are then sewn together and a border added. All Instructions are there and there is no Embroidery on it. There is a also a picture of the finished quilt hanging over either  the end of a Cot or  a chair back....Does  this sound familiar to anyone please, I have a  friend who is expecting Twins this year and I would like to make her 2  Cot quilts, but I didn't save the location of this  quilt.

This is my 1st ever Blog post and I hope I am doing this right LOL



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