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Crafty customers invited to sew in Paris

Monday 19th April, 2010

Travellers staying at hotels in Paris can head down to the Sweat Shop cafe in the French capital and use a sewing machine while enjoying a cup of coffee and some cake.

Owners Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis, a Swiss make-up artist and an Austrian fashion designer respectively, want enthusiastic amateurs to come down to their eatery to learn to sew, as well as more experienced operators.

Ms Duss told the Guardian: "We live in such a consumer society. But if you make your own sweater you have a different relationship with it. You get closer to the product."

In her view, people have become estranged from the products that they use and this cafe can help them to connect with them again.

The venue charges €6 per hour (£5.30) for guests in hotels Paris using a sewing machine or ten hours for €55, as well as offering evening classes in the hobby, with Mlle Kou starting to offer tuition there from Sunday April 25th.

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