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The home pc crashed and I had several requests for the patterns or links to the patterns for the baby sunhat, and the pin cushion. I did dig through my files and massive stack of patterns. I found the pin cushion in a sewing book, and found the pattern page that I had printed from the website. I am having to use my laptop, which I hooked up to the net and set up. So I hope it's all working right! Anyway, my printer/scanner/copier is not hooked to my laptop, so right now, I can't scan the patterns in. I PROMISE that as soon as the computer is fixed, I will scan them in and whoever wants a copy can print them out. I am trying to wait till hubby returns from Australia to take computer to shop. I am not up on lots of electronic jargon, so I wouldn't know what to tell the people the problem is! Sad, huh?! Anyway, my daughter and grandson moved out the other day, so I have FINALLY been able to sew a little more. I am still working on the duffel for Noah, but just yesterday, I started on a blouse. Found a gorgeous, VERY BRIGHTLY COLORED fabric, but want to make it by a shirt I have already. So, I used newspaper, and traced each part of the shirt, making sure to include a seam allowance. I have made the yoke front and bottom, and have ironed them down really good and put together, finishing it off with my serger. It's only a yoke, but so far, I'm proud of it. Will definitely take pics when finished and share them here at SWN. Hang in there for the patterns. I promise they are coming soon as the computer is up and going. Its spring break this coming week here, so if it is where you all live, have a happy spring break! I am gonna try to finish my blouse, the duffel, and get some other stuff done. Wishing you all well, and remember: "The one who dies with the most fabric wins!" Happy Stitching! Sherri

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