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I had tried using a sturdy folding table to cut patterns out, but I didn't like the crack that was in the table, where it folded.

S-O-O, I had 2 dresser drawers (that were approximately the same height). My husband attached pieces of 2x4 on the legs of the shorter dresser, to make it the same height as the other. Then I bought a 4x8 piece of whiteboard paneling (it is sometimes used to make dry-erase boards). I had hubby cut it down to fit over both dressers.  We placed the two dressers back to back and now I have a nice, large and smooth cutting board.  

With my dressers underneath, and facing outward on each side, I have a place to put all my sewing accessories. I've labeled each drawer, so I will know what's in each.  You can make the cutting top larger than the combined area of the dresser tops, just leave a space between the backs of the dressers.  You can also staple a cover with a heat reflecting material underneath, and use part of your cutting area as an ironing area.  Much better than that skinny ironing board, most of us have.


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