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diaper duffel and newspaper pattern blouse

Hi everyone. I am still working on Noah's diaper duffel, but I am having to take it slowly, because I am finding that the instructions are really confusing. I have just thrown caution into the wind and used my own interpretation of the instructions, and so far, Lord it's cute as a button! Also, remember the blouse from the mall that I made a newspaper pattern from? Well, it's actually almost finished. It's turning out really pretty. Yes, I have the seam ripper handy and have used it some. This do-it-yourself pattern is something I have to get used to, but I'm enjoying it. I took a chance going ahead and cutting it from my beautiful fabric instead of some cheap stuff to get the fit right. But, like I said, looks pretty so far. I have to hem the sleeves and finish serging the side seams, then hem the entire shirt. The one I bought is decorated with some hand-sewn sequins and "jewels" that match the fabric, along with some beads. I may just have to take a pic and let y'all help me decide what, if anything needs to be added to the yoke. Pics will be soon, and hope you all are burning those sewing machines up sewing so fast!!!! Dreary weather here in south Mississippi, along with sinus infection and flu, well, needless to say, I'm getting some sewing done, and LUVIN' IT!!!! Happy stitchin!

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