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"A goodie two shoes with plenty of soul"

29 Apr, 2012 02:00 AM

It started as a simple act of kindness.  Chrissy Kerin had been sewing cloth dolls as a hobby, as presents for family and friends.  But when she decided to offer a custom-made doll as a charity donation, things escalated rather rapidly.


As it turned out, there was a lot of interest and demand for Chrissy's gorgeous little dolls, dubbed Miss Goodie Two Shoes, which she lovingly crafts from the Katanning farm where she lives with husband Simon and children Oscar (3), Mathilda (20 months) and fur-baby Taylah (the 11-year-old Golden Retriever).


Within a day of creating a Facebook page to publish photos of her dolls, Chrissy had two businesses offering to wholesale them.


"Sewing became a way of enjoying my creativity while allowing myself an outlet from life as a mum," Chrissy said.

"But within hours of creating the Facebook page, I had over 100 people liking my page and a growing list of people desperate to own one of my dolls."


From there Miss Goodie Two Shoes was born, and to follow was a whirlwind year of late nights, sewing and bleary eyed days spent kid wrangling and helping on the farm.  {  read on!  }


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Comment by Linda Lubbesmeyer on April 30, 2012 at 10:35am

This is an inspiration! Lord willing, I can learn from this when I finally get some things to sell for my REmissionary projects (selling things to support missions). Thanks for sharing!!

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