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I work on alot of quilts at the same time as do most quilters, I think. Some days I cut, or pin, hand sew or machine sew. I might have lots of blocks to press, or paper to remove from a paper pieced project. But a good portion of these projects take some time and every now and again I like to throw in something quick and easy. That's when I decided to do the door topper. I was looking around the living room and thought to myself that the area over the door looked a bit bare! This was easy and fun and can be quickly changed out seasonally. Now, I'm thinking, that since I have a front porch, maybe I'll do one for the outside since it would be protected by the elements. The applique in this project was done with a fusible and then raw edge sewn, a little echo quilting on the machine, bind it up and your done! Give it a's a great decorating item...a good gift item also.

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Comment by Dawn on July 21, 2009 at 11:00am
I s there a pattern for this ?

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