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I have acquired several Craftsy courses.  Several seemed like a good idea at the time, but for various reasons I have not completed them.  However on the last Bank Holiday Sale, I succumbed and bought another one!  

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

I'm loving it.  I like Jessica's style and approach, and wry humour!  I learnt embroidery at School and took it right up to A Level at age 18 as part of "Art & Design", doing "Creative" embroidery. However that was 40 years ago now, so no harm in a refresher course!  

Recently I have taken up hand embroidery again for a couple of reasons;

  • To add unique decoration to my bags
  • To enable me to stay in front of the fire in winter!

I made a bag from a dress my niece had grown out of.  It had a pretty neckline which I used for a front pocket, and added this hand embroidery for decoration above it.

Then a few years ago I attended a course by the author of "20 Floral Bags to make" (aka "Bags in Bloom") Susan Cariello, who lives nearby.  She showed us how to give those familiar stitches with a new look, and I used her techniques on this bag.  

This Craftsy Course is fun.  Jessica has demonstrated some stitches I have not really used and made me see more possibilities.  I finished my sampler, packing all the lessons onto one linen napkin.  Some of them I am happy with, others I really need to practice!  However I may add a few of them to my patchwork denim waistcoat!

She has also brought me up to date with new ways and products to help transfer patterns to the fabric.  I had already tried unsuccessfully to use a transfer pencil, and had a little more success with a transfer pen.  

When Jessica showed her light box, and I decided that would suit me much better, so I've bought this one from Amazon.  I also bought a set of Frixion Pens to use with it instead of water soluble pens.  Their marks can be removed with heat.  I did it by holding the iron above the fabric without actually touching it, and my drawing was gone!  I may mention them to Jessica in case she hasn't come across them.

Doing this course had me looking at what other people are doing with hand embroidery these days.  I found Urban Threads and have bought a couple of their patterns to try!

I have alo ordered some books from the library, (including Jessica's book "Stitched Gifts")

Twisted Stitches

I realise a lot of people do cross-stitch but it is not a favourite of mine, however I am eagerly awaiting these two books.  Not your usual bouquets of flowers!

Love Kills Slowly

My next lesson with Jessica is "Embroidering on knits".  It requires something else new to me, Solvy and Paper Solvy.  I have ordered some of each and will have to wait for them to be shipped from the States before carrying on.  In the meantime I will watch the rest of the course, and be ready to carry on when I can.  

I need to start hunting up more things to embroider.  I used to wonder what I could use now we don't use embroidered tablecloths, anti-macassars or handkerchiefs.  I thought Bags seemed a good place to start,  as they don't have to go through the washing machine.  I don't need cushion covers, but they would work.  

My embroidered denim waistcoat is a bit of fun, and I just have to hope it will survive washing, but t-shirts?  That is a surprise, and I look forward to trying it out.

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Comment by Patricia on June 21, 2014 at 11:49am

oh my word, I love it.. all of these are so great .

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