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"Let's Celebrate with Cake" Hand Embroidery and Applique

I was in the mood for some more embroidery, so I sorted through my pattern collection and came across this one for a fabric picture by Bustle & Sew.  As I have a friend who bakes cakes for the local tea rooms and special occasions, this one struck a chord!

Having downloaded and printed off the instructions, I started gathering my materials.  I decided to buy a blank artist's canvas block rather than try and source a picture frame.  I backed the whole piece with some sew-on interfacing (Vilene S10) to make it a bit more substantial (and opaque) and attached it with my overlocker to neaten all the edges.

My proportions are slightly different in order to use the fabric remnants I had that I wanted to use. Sadly this meant I had to lose the bunting across the top, but I still love the end result!  I did make the mistake of using my Frixion pens to trace the design, forgetting that I would erase them when I fused my applique pieces on!

I chose to do some of the stitching differently to the instructions.  For instance I used my machine to do the line and ties holding the letters forming 'CELEBRATE' instead of hand sewing it; and I used a very small fishbone stitch for the Strawberry stalks, rather than the satin stitch suggested.


I also cut felt poles and machine stitched them (creating a suggestion of wood grain) rather than satin stitch the whole thing.  I don't enjoy satin stitch very much, probably because I'm not very good at it.  I blame poor lighting!

I added the dashes decorating the edge of the cake stand by hand, using a running stitch. From the instructions I got the idea I was supposed to use the machine for this, but I couldn't see how, so I didn't.

When it was all done I stapled it to the frame.  I'm glad I overlocked the edges, I just wish I could have mitred the corners a bit better.  I bought the 12 x 16-inch size, which is slightly smaller than A3 size (13" x 19", or 329mm x 483mm).

All done and hung, what fun!

I love Helen's style and ideas, and I'm amassing quite a collection of Bustle & Sew patterns! Some I have yet to try including 'The Great British Picnic Blanket', the Appley Dappley cushion cover and the 'Figgy Pudding Tea Cosy'. I also bought the 'Rosie Posie Stitchery'  to sew, as it reminds me of the books I used to read with my grandma!

I just love those little caps and dresses! 

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