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Hand Embroidering a Plain Knit Top: More Brian Haggard Inspiration!

I was given a plain purple knit top and decided it would be improved by adding some hand embroidery. It worked well last time I tried it! (Embroidering on Knits)

I set myself up as Jessica taught me on her online Craftsy course (Design It, Stitch It, Hand Embroidery).  This time I'm using some designs from  "Embroidered Memories" by Brian Haggard.  I traced them on my Sulky Solvy stabilizer then fitted it all together with the hoop.

I used two strands of Anchor embroidery cotton and an embroidery needle.  I chose a motley collection of colours, i.e. any of the floss I had in my supplies that looked like they had faded to a 'sepia' tint over time!  As some of them were my Mother's, that may in fact be the case!  A beige, a pinky beige, a browny beige, a creamy beige... get the idea?

Some of them look very similar, and a couple of times I got half way round a flower or leaf, then chose the wrong colour for the other half and had to unpick and re-stitch it!  I did the centre arrangement first, then worked up one side, then copied it up the other side.  It really didn't take very long, I only stitched in the evenings, hence the trouble with mistaking the shades.

When I had done all the repeat arrangements, I linked them with some curving lines in feather stitch.  When I was happy I had done enough, it was time for a quick 'dip and swish' to dissolve the Solvy. Then I hung it up to dry.  Once dry, I removed the basting, clipped the backing close to the stitching and gave it all a press with steam.

Here it is finished. I can see a couple of mistakes but overall I am pleased with the result!  

I used a variety of stitches, as suggested in the book, including; blanket stitch, chain stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, detached chain stitch, fly stitch and french knots.  Then the sun came out, so I put it on and rushed outside!

Embroidered RTW knit top, Brian Haggard Style!  It was a bit chilly despite the long sleeves, so I may have to wait to wear it until it gets warmer.

However I added a black polo neck jersey underneath and have been wearing it every day since! This was a selfie taken at night.  Today it was admired and I was asked where I bought it, which was a lovely compliment!  I feel ready to try more, so now I am going to make myself an embroidered memory cushion.

Embroidered Memories by Brian Haggard

Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery

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Comment by Londa Rohlfing on April 12, 2016 at 6:01pm

Veryt Very nice!  Thanks for sharing...

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