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Embroidery/Sewing Machine Cozy - "A Cozy for a Queen" Tutorial

This tutorial was developed by our very own Nancy Wright!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for constructing the "A Cozy for a Queen," as featured in Embroidery Library's "Stitchers Showcase" on February 15th.


An embroidered one-size-fits-all quilted dustcover for most sewing/embroidery machines in either configuration! This is a low-cost, low-sew, one-afternoon project that will make your valuable electronic embroidery/sewing machine the most stylish, dust-free appliance in town.


  • A set of four 13" to 14" x 19" quilted placemats. I chose a set of 14" x 19" 100%-polyester Canopy "Ribbon Stripe Placemats" from Walmart.
  • An embroidery design of your choice for front panel of cozy.
  • Embroidery thread and bobbins to complete design.
  • Thread to match placemats, for assembly of cozy. I used polyester embroidery thread for assembly, as it was a great match and added a bit of sheen to the joined seams.
  • Water-soluble or disappearing marking pen.


1 - Pre-shrink placemats according to laundry directions on label.

2 - Hoop up suitable stabilizer. I would favor a tear-away, but others might prefer a cut-away to reinforce the design.

3 - Mark center of stabilizer with "cross-hairs" of water-soluble marker.

4 - Cut stitching on placemat and use one layer of placemat "fashion fabric" for embroidered design.

5 - For a centered design, fold placemat fabric in quarters and "finger press." Place folds of placemat on marker lines on stabilizer and hold in place with pins or temporary adhesive. Otherwise, locate hoop to desired location for embellishment and continue with Step 6.

6 - Machine baste placemat on stabilizer and proceed with your chosen embroidery design.

7 - When embroidery design is finished, basting removed and stabilizer is trimmed or torn away, press face of design with cool iron and pressing cloth. Re-construct embellished placemat and replace topstitching.

8 - With a wide decorative stitch, butt the long edge of the embroidered placemat with another placemat and stitch the length of the seam to join the two together. I used a wide decorative X-stitch, but another wide decorative stitch, a satin stitch or a wide zigzag would also work. Align the ends of the placemats to guarantee that the seam ends are precisely matched.

9 - Mark the center of a long edge of a third placemat and align with one end of the joined seam. Using the same decorative or zigzag stitch, attach the third placemat across the joint of the first two placemats for about two inches in either direction for a total of four inches. Repeat with fourth placemat at other end of butted seam.

10 - On hand-wheel end of cozy, fold up free end 3-1/2" to 3-3/4" to the outside. Pin and stitch along vertical edges. Mark additional vertical lines square to folded-up edge to form individual pockets for power cord, pens, memory sticks, ruler, etc. Stitch along marked lines.

11 - With long joined seam running the length of the top of the machine, place finished cozy on your Sewing/Embroidery Machine. Tuck free ends of side panels under the front and back panels to cover your machine.

© 2010, Nancy Wright
B.S., Clothing & Textiles
Michigan State University
"Designs To A Degree"
Boyd, Texas

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Comment by Sewshesaid on February 23, 2010 at 11:39am
Great quick idea. I have mine covered w/ an old pillowcase. BTW where is Boyd?
Comment by Irene on February 23, 2010 at 10:55am
Great Idea even if you don't do embroidery, there are so many cute placemats you can use.
Comment by Jennifer Howell on February 23, 2010 at 10:01am
I like that cover. I made a embroidery machine cover out of canvas materials wit the words.
Comment by Carla on February 23, 2010 at 8:22am
Very nice :)

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