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My granddaughter had a PTA choir performance last night.  First graders are so cute!  My daughter-in-law didn’t tell me about the performance, but my son called me yesterday afternoon to see if I was coming last night.  I asked what he was talking about and he told me.   I brought my mother and we saved seats for my son, his wife and her mother.  They got there and the place was packed.  I was sitting next to my son’s mother-in-law.

She asked if her daughter had talked to me about Thursday.  I said no.  She rolled her eyes and said she would be calling me Wednesday night to ask me to babysit my 2 yr old grandson Thursday morning.  Apparently, his usual babysitter will be in court Thursday morning.  The babysitter is going to a final hearing to get custody of a grandchild.  Those things happen and I don’t mind watching him at all but I am thankful that I was told. It makes a difference what I do today.  I will be careful to rest and not overdue today.  I’m going to need the energy for Thursday.  My grandson is so cute.  He looks and acts like my son did.  That means I have to be on my toes.

Business was settled and my granddaughter and her class came in to perform.  They sang a number of songs.  The Choir Director did an excellent job in preparing the kids.   After the performance my DIL said she was very concerned about a tooth that was coming in on my GD.  It looks like a fang.  When my GD joined us she showed me the tooth.  Oh My Goodness.  They have got to get that fixed.  It’s literally a triangle coming to a sharp point.  Kids are going to make fun of her.  It’s an extra tooth that we knew was going to come in but we didn’t know it was going to be a fang!  Kids can be so cruel.  I hope my son or DIL take her to the dentist and they find a solution for that tooth.  I don’t know if pulling it or a cap would be best, but I hope they do something so kids won’t tease her.  She’s such a sweet, sensitive little girl.

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