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Who doesn't fancy a great flea market? Especially one that comes in the colours, textures and alluring shapes of Denyse Schmidt's fabric range Flea Market Fancy.  This fantastic range has been partially reprinted and re-coloured and is now called the New Legacy Reprint.  I can't tell you how excited I am by this.  I was one of those (and yes there are some of us out there!) who must have had their eyes glued shut the first time this range was available.  How can that be possible I hear all you Denyse groupies asking - and again, yes, Denyse has many fans - you only have to look at the Flickr group DS (Denyse Schmidt) Quilts Collection for Fabric Traditions (of which I proudly call myself a member) to see this.  My only explanation  is that at that time my artistic sensibilities were definitely grounded in the reproduction side of the quilting world of possibilities.  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved my reproduction fabrics (I still have baskets of reproduction fabric as a testament to that fact!) and I still ahh over the wonderful quilts made to emulate the quilting sisterhood of yesteryear.

However, a new era of quilting has commenced in the evolution of  my personal quilting journey.  Colour, colour and more colour is definitely where my heart now lies.  Bright fabric, modern fabric, contemporary fabric and vintage fabric.  Now I know that sounds like an oxymoron but in fact vintage fabric is very 'now', hip and happening, man!.  And the re-released Flea Market Fancy ticks all the right buttons for me.  The timing is definitely serendipitous and this time I won't miss out.

As good fortune would have it, I work at the wonderful Ballarat Patchwork, my local, and in my biased opinion, most beautiful patchwork shop out there. And as further good fortune, we happened to have arrive in the shop on friday the entire new range of Flea Market Fancy. How is that for providence?? Anyway, of course, how could I resist - home came some of the complete range!!  All other quilting patterns I am currently working on have been lovingly placed on the 'must do next' shelf in the sewing studio as I am compelled to design and  construct my Flea Market Fancy quilt.

       The quilt block I have chosen is the Christmas Star block.

 In further posts I will show you the finished product.  As I am bursting with creative energy I have a feeling it won't take long to be designed, cut, sewn and quilted.  And now I have committed that to blogland procrastination can't be tolerated!!!

In more Denyse Schmidt news, a friend recently gave me some fabric from Denyse's range Picnic and Fairground which she had cut into squares and told me it was all mine.  Yay for me!! I decided to make a lap/cot sized quilt and I had enough fabric to make a matching cushion as well.  The finished products are both available for purchase through my etsy store.  And now for the pretty pictures, cause what's a blog post without photos?!

Until next time,  happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....


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