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Finished the new lining for my vintage faux leopardskin coat!

I’ve finally finished re-lining my faux leopard skin coat!   It has turned out okay, but it was a case of two steps forward, one step back, or in other words lots of unpicking and doing it again!

First I pinned and basted the lining in place all round the front and neckline.  I didn’t know how far down the lining was supposed to reach, I hadn’t made notes about that!  I managed to get it the same length each side on the second attempt!  I looked at connecting the sleeves, got carried away and attached them, only to realise afterwards how difficult this made machine stitching the lining in!  Rather than unpick it all I managed to manoeuvre it around my machine.  It was rather awkward, but I was determined.

The lining looked okay, however the sleeves didn’t hang right.  I had obviously turned up too much and made the lining too short, hiking up the coat sleeve.  It had looked fine when it was inside out.  So I had to unpick them, make a smaller turning and re-attach them.  Now they seemed a little baggy on the inside instead of  scrunched-up on the outside, but I decided this was good enough, I was not  unpicking them again!  (Of course it’s a shame I didn’t discover this and unpick them before I had to machine the lining in).  I fixed the turned back fur cuffs in place with a few thread chains, and the sleeves were finished.

Then I looked at the hem.  My other coats appear to have the lining slipped under the hem.  I went on-line and found out about the “bagging” method but didn’t fancy trying to manhandle such a heavy coat through an opening in the seam.  What I had in mind was an “unattached” hem.  I hand stitched the coat hem with a herringbone stitch to keep it flat……

…then slip stitched the hem of the lining…

And this is the result

Now I was romping to the finish line!  I attached the new leather Coat Loop (from Hemline) to the inside of the collar.

I attached the new waist ties I had made

…and sewed the waist tie loop in place

I removed the two new buttons I had previously sewn on, as the bottom one was pulling and the top one was too loose.  I re-attached them both, adding a clear plastic reinforcing button on the inside.

Finally I finished off the hem by connecting the lining to the side seams with thread chains.  Time consuming, but I’m pleased with the result.  I am sure if I had attached them by machine something would have pulled somewhere and spoilt the drape, leading to yet more unpicking!

Here is the finished lining, finally fitted.  As this was taken in daylight for once the colour is quite natural!

My only real disappointment is the quality of my buttonholes.  I’m really not happy with them they look really messy.  Of course the only thing to do is unpick them and try again.  However, I think I need some more practice before attempting that, the furry fabric is difficult to tame! In the meantime no-one will see the buttonholes if I keep the buttons done up, so I think I will just wear it now it's cold!

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Comment by Karen on February 5, 2014 at 6:07pm

"Aaargh!  It's a really nasty buttonhole!  Mummy, make it go away!"

Unfortunately that's my hand sewing you can see, not the original.  Awful isn't it.  As I see it I need to find a thread that blends in better and practice a lot more.  I mean a lot more.  I have to say it's a bit of a shapeless h0le too, even if my stitches were perfect. However, I love wearing my coat, it feels really nice now, having bad buttonholes doesn't spoil it for me!

Comment by katie on January 31, 2014 at 10:06pm

If you know how and have some heavy silk buttonhole twist  thread you could cover your buttonholes with some hand sewn Buttonhole stitches. That would cover what you don't like..

Also if you want, you could put some swing thread chains on your sleeve lining to hold it in place.

Nice job..

Comment by Jean M. on January 31, 2014 at 5:03pm

Great job Karen!!!! 

Comment by Angela L on January 31, 2014 at 4:25pm

Really lovely work! I am terrified of attempting outerwear because of the lining situation, but your efforts are inspiring. Thanks for sharing! 

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