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I'm so excited. I have been working on setting up my sewing room for the past week and it is about done. The only problem is the room that I made it in is a darker blue. It was this color before I decided on that room. I am thinking of changing it to a mint/light green. I am new to sewing and by reading up I see it should be lighter in color to help with the light. My mother was getting rid of 3 book shelves so I inhereted those. I went to goodwill and found a decnet desk for $7.99!!! I ordered a Dress form which will be here monday. I was hoping it would be here friday so I can work on some projects over the weekend but no such luck. Besides that the only other thing I need to set up is a Ironing station. I havent decided if I am goign to get one that hangs over the door or a stand up one. The room isn't that big.

I have been collected a lot of fabric which who knows if I will ever use but it has been cheep and will fill my book shelves. I stop by Goodwill on my way home from work and usually find some fabric. They have it for 99cents no matter how much of it there is! The only problem with this is that being new to sewing, I don't know what type of fabric I am getting. I need to find a class or something to learn the different fabrics. I start a sewing class in September so maybe I will learn in there.

As soon as my room is complete, I will post pictures!

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Comment by Lynne Demeter on September 29, 2010 at 6:29pm
Good luck in your new endeavor. I definitely would go lighter on the paint color it will really help. Do you have lots of windows for natural light? I have a smaill sewing room too, but I keep the ironing board up all the time because I need it all the time! Try an L shape configuration with your sewing machine table and see if that will work for you.

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