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The Gizmo Garage Bag Sewing Project

After I made these cushions for my new florist friend, she asked me to make her a bag. She wanted one big enough to carry her laptop and paperwork when she went to visit brides to discuss wedding flowers, with her logo on it.  

After some research I suggested the Gizmo Garage by ChrisWDesigns as it was designed specifically to carry a laptop, had an adjustable strap, a grab handle, and two flaps for her logo.

I chose more of the grey luxury faux suede I used for her cushion, plus a hot pink contrast.  For the lining I picked a Makower Pansy print for the main laptop section, and a pink and white candy stripe for the rest.   

The Gizmo Garage comes in three sizes, and checking the measurements of Nathalie's laptop I cut out the medium size bag and started construction.  I chose to piece the strap to use both colours rather than have just grey or pink.   I cut myself a pattern piece and added 4x the seam allowance for two joins.  Then I folded the strip in three and using my clear ruler centered the 45 degree line on my 1/3 red line and cut them apart.

I used pink at both ends and grey in the middle, and I think it looks great, much more interesting than a one colour strap, and now I have the pattern pieces to do it again another time.

Then I worked the logo applique on the front flap, interpreting the original watercolor design in blocks of solid colour, applied with Bondaweb and fixed with tiny zig-zag stitch.

Then it was on with the construction.  As with all Christine's designs, there are plenty of pockets!  I had spent some time deciding how to arrange the different colour suedes and linings, but I am happy with the results.

The finished bag includes a pocket and flap on the back which can hold an i-pad, and I worked the logo on that too, slightly reduced in size.

To give you some idea of the scale of the bag, which as I said is the medium version, here is a full length shot, and one holding the grab handle.  Sorry it looks a bit misty, it was a very bright day!

This shot shows the texture of the suede and the colours to good effect.  I have to say I think it has turned out very well, and Nathalie was very happy with it when I delivered it.  

The Gizmo Garage 


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