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Quick Gift Idea - Sew a Personalized Gadget Guard

I stitched an Evelyn Tablet Bag (sewing pattern by I Think Sew) for my iPad when I first got it, as I took it everywhere I went.  I really love the bag, but now find I really just want a sleeve to slip in my usual bag.

Gadget Guard and Light Box

So I dug out my Gadget Guard pattern by Erin of Dog Under My Desk that I used to make this sleeve for my A4 Light Box a while ago (June 2014!).  It's not just one pattern, it's how to sew a made-to-measure zippered sleeve for any slim device you have.  I consulted her instructions, took the relevant measurements, applied her formula and cut out the pattern piece I needed for my iPad.  

I decided to be guided in my fabric choice by my zipper collection, rather than choose a fabric I didn't have a coordinating zipper for!  This gave me a range of blues, a range of brown through rust to cream, bright green or hot pink!  The resulting choice was a remnant I was given by a dressmaking friend, a handbag fabric print on a brown background by  I chose an 'old gold' zipper to go with it.

The lining was already decided, as I wanted to use brushed cotton/flannel again.  It not only cushions, it polishes!  I have some left in cream or red, both of which would coordinate well with the handbag fabric.  I used the cream last time, so this time I am using the red.

Decisions made, I was happy to find I had enough fusible interfacing and Soft & Stable to complete the sleeve. Erin makes sure you check you are getting things right as you go along, and here I was checking my iPad actually fits before sealing up the opening in the lining. 

The whole thing was put together quite quickly on a Saturday afternoon.  I skipped the extra zipped pocket again which does speed things up.  I am very pleased with the results! 

Here you can see my iPad sleeve and my light box sleeve together.  You can see the difference in size.  I think I will make one for my new laptop next.  

This time I am going to try it with some chocolate brown leather/vinyl, and add an applique design. I am using the cream flannel for the lining.  I'm skipping adding fusible interfacing to the vinyl which is very thin with a cotton backing.  As this required a longer zipper I am using one of my YKK long pull handbag zippers (size 4.5) as suggested by Erin, in chocolate brown.

I decided to chance the applique because these two vinyls are so thin, and because the other one is gold!  They were bought together for another project but were totally unsuitable being too thin, and I had expected a gold colour rather than this gold effect.  However, they are perfect for this idea and my sewing machine had no trouble with them once I fitted my non-stick Teflon foot and a new leather needle.  I do wish there was a walking-zipper-1/8" seam foot though!

My machine did not want to start sewing on the edge though, so I made a scrap sandwich of vinyl and Soft and Stable and used that to start sewing, butting it up to the edge of the bag and chain stitching it. I didn't know if my machine would cope with the zipper tab end as it is folded in half three times, but it worked okay.  I used the flannel for the lining as shown by my lovely model.

My new 13" laptop slips in happily, and the gold dragon stands out well against the dark background, I'm well pleased with that!  The bigger pull on the YKK 4.5 zipper is handy on this size too.  I feel guilty cutting lumps off, but better that than having to wait if I order one the exact size. They are available in the U.K. from now, but I bought a load of 22" long ones in a selection of colours from Zipper Island on Etsy back in July 2015, which I am still working my way through.

My Gadget Guard collection, one pattern fits all!  It is ideal for decorating with applique, embroidery and/or quilting. They are certainly quick to make, which could be handy for some personalised Christmas presents! 

The pattern includes instructions to add an extra external zipped pocket, and gives the option of being zipped on the long or the short side.  You can get the PDF pattern from Erin's site

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Comment by Patricia on November 10, 2016 at 11:22am

I love this idea

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