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I am sewing my grand daughters their suits for gymnastics. One of the fabrics I am working with is like a stretchy velor, and I haven't sewn with anything with a nap for so long, I can't remember if I should have the nap going down or up the garment????? Help please.... Mary

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Comment by Patricia McClain Osborne on September 24, 2010 at 2:47am
I do not believe there is a rule of thumb for the direction choice for velvet or velour fabrics. Simply the choice would be what you prefer. For myself personally I like the nap going down simply for the feel. I like the smooth rather than the ruff texture. I am sure you are aware of the reason for making sure all you pattern pieces are going the same direction is because with them going in different directions the fabrics look and texture will be different resulting in the look you have two different fabrics in you garment.
Hope this helps with your question.

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