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How do I find instructions to post pictures?

   I would like to upload some pictures of my latest projects but I have no idea how to start. Is there a place on our site with step by step insructions? I have been off for a long time, at least it seems like it, so many wonderful ideas and things that we all want to share.  I wrote an update as to what I am doing and didn't know what to push, did not want it on any social sites so I clicked share, where did it share to? I was on pocketbooks, should I look there? thanks and I will be looking for your great ideas.  grami-Fran

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Comment by Kiki Polglase on February 15, 2013 at 7:14am

VERY helpful, you're a STAR ! x

Comment by Susan on June 14, 2012 at 8:25pm

Thank you Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Fran(grami) on June 14, 2012 at 7:51pm

Thank you  so much Karen for all that wonderful feedback, I am going to print it then when my "Senior Moment" hits, I can go right to it instead of messing around trying to get back to it.  I hope this prints and posts back to you, as you were so helpful and easy to understand. I wish I could sit all day and read then do all the fantastic  projects.  But, my Butt, won't allow that. No amount of pillows help either.  thanks again Karen and I will try it and if I have a Hitch, I will again ask for help.  have a good evening everyone.  grami Fran

Comment by Karen on June 14, 2012 at 2:57am

Hi Fran

Well I must admit when I joined I could have done with a New Members "How To" guide!

To post photos on your own page, put the cursor over the purple Photos tab on the tool bar, and from the drop down menu choose 'Add my photos'.  On this page it depends where your photos are - you click on the big camera if they are on your computer (which mine all are) or underneath that you can choose to load from your mobile phone or e-mail them.

Once you click on the camera the first time you will need to choose your Pictures file, .but return visits will take you to the file you chose last time.

You can choose to load up to 5 pictures a day.  Once selected you upload them either one at a time or atogether.  You can then give them titles and descriptions and decide whether to create an album for them.  You can also decide what search 'tags' to give them so people can find them easily.  If you look on my page I have my albums as Aprons, Bags, Things I've Made etc with additional tags like applique, recycle and so on. 

The photos have to be approved by Susan, and quite often she will 'feature' them on the Home Page to bring them to everyone's attention. 

Alternatively you can write a blog on your page (or in one of the channels) and insert the pictures there.  On the tool bar above this box go to the 2nd icon which comes up as 'Image' and click on that.  It gives you a box to choose a file from your computer.  If you have used it before it will take you back to the last picture file you chose.  You can then choose where on the page you want it (this is centre) and at the bottom the size of the image which is usually 750 pixels.  I scale mine down to 350 and you can see this below.

Hope that helps, if not ask again!

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