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HI everyone,
Haven't visited my blog for a bit. Seems like life has been keeping me busy. I am in charge of the "Boutique" for our guild quilt show and have been busy rounding up things for that. I like to get things done ahead of time and have a million (quite a few) items to price and mark for the Boutique that various gals donated for the guild to sell. Also, finding the cloths to put on the tables and getting ready to do some signs, posters, or whatever for the booth. Also need to round up various quilt stands to display some of the quilts on that they want to sell.

Tomorrow is our monthly get-together of quilters, called "Buttonheads". It is a group of six ladies and we brings things to work on and spend the day at one of the girls every 4th Wednesday of the month. We all bring things for lunch, someone does the main dish and the rest bring things to go with it. Usually ends up being a pretty good meal, which is nice, as it is at a ladie's home that lives by herself so she gets the leftovers to eat for a day or two.

The lst Wed. of each month I go to Seamers and Dreamers, which is for anyone in the guild. We work on our own things or on "quilts for comfort" which are donated to different places around town,usually in May, or if needed sooner we will provide it then. A very nice bunch of gals and sometimes if I don't feel like sewing I just go and talk and take my lunch and listen to everyone's goings on and see what is being worked on.

The 2nd Wednesday of each month, there are six of us (most of them the same ones from Buttonheads) meets at my home from about l0 until 3 or 4 PM. We work on the Dear Jane quilt. Some of us are actually getting our center blocks sewn together and working on triangles for the borders. We bring other things we work on to show everyone else also. Everyone brings there own lunch and we usually have tons of snacks. (Of Course)

The 3rd Wednesday is Seamers and Dreamers again as it is twice a month.

On the lst Thursday of the month we go to Pats house for our Crazy Quilt Group. We are all working on our own blocks and from time to time we do new stitches and things like that. I am almost to the point I can put my CQ quilt together. I just finished a small (about 8x5) CQ quilt for an exchange on my Hitty Group list. It turned out cute.

On the 2nd Thurs of the month is our guild meeting and it is in the evening from about 7 -9PM.

On the 3rd Fri of the month we meet once again at Pat's house, different group, and sew on whatever we want to. I work on my DearJane quite often there as it is so portable and easy to take and I am doing by hand and do not have to tote my machine.

What keeps all of you busy during the month?

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