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How long does it take to know what you are doing?

It seems like just yesterday that I joined this wonderful network of friends, and believe it or not, it has been a year!! (or a bit more) Family emergencies and life seem to hit us like a brick wall, and then it takes us some time to get over the bruises and injuries of hitting that wall.  My mother had an accident not too long ago that has had me traving a lot to take care of her, not just a few miles, but 250 miles one way.  You don't mind because you remember how much your mother has been there for you when she could have been doing something else for her life.  Through it all, my mom asks about my sewing.  Do you still sew? What are your plans? What will you do with that fabric?  Little by little I am still working on my business, and sewing every chance I get.  The thrill of these past few months in limbo has been that what I thought I knew what I was going to do for my business and, it is not where I am currently heading.  Though I thought I was just so smart and knew it all, it is amazing how living in faith can bring you where you would not have gone alone.  I am taking deep breaths, and venturing in a realm of sewing that has challenged me, in business and in skill.  It helps me grow as a creative seamstress, and it has been a great help to read posts from all the crafters, sewers, and business women in this network.  I have been encouraged by many of you and your skills and how creative you can be.  I have learned that creativity can be a talent, but if you stretch your current talents and take great big steps outside your comfort zone, creativity will hit you in the face. 

Thank you for encouraging me, even though you may not know you have.  I will keep working on my business and I know I will soon achieve what I have set out to do, with faith and dedication.


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Comment by Andrea Schlickbernd on August 4, 2011 at 11:30am
Very lovely! I agree whole heartedly! Keep stretching cause you learn something new everyday and slow growth is good growth!!

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