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How To DIY Bridal Lace Blouse "Illuminate in Opal"

Although lace is one of those delicate fabrics often used for special occasions, i decided to show how a wedding vest can be transformed and worn differently using lace and tulle. In fact lace and tulle can look casual/cool when mixed to match with everyday essentials being jeans, skirts, jackets and shorts. If you haven't already seen part I of this post, then checkout my promo video here: to get my gist.

Even if the lace/tulle is white, it doesn't need to be reserved for just a special occasion. It's one of those ideal materials to wear when the sun pops out because it can be cooling and can sometimes give the illusion of bare but not! That's where this classic cut vest blouse comes into play 'Opal'...To read the full post, see the design and get the pattern visit:


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