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How-To Do Pattern Print Skater Sun-dress

With the recent weather planning to peak, i'm exploring more of my wears, mixing styles and teaming them with other things that us females love to wear such as shoes, bags, jackets/coats and other types of accessories. 

As a visionary i'm becoming more aware about the importance people place on standing out as an individual. This is the coming of our future fashion, playing an important role in our ideals. Constantly purchasing garments/accessories from retail stores doesn't help in uniqueness and standing out because the items are mass produced. Uniformity isn't attractive, it's bland. The chances is that someone else 5yrds down the street has what your wearing. So, that is why it is fun and precious to create your own pieces instead. 

Remember, i said the focus of my wears is about me. Wearing something that i've created is a signature statement of my artistry/creativity in some form. I can also create a piece that nobody else will have but me. Of course, i'll share how i created the pieces with those that absolutely love what i do and genuinely want to replicate for their personal use.

So in my how to do's i'll upload sketches of the pattern (not drawn to scale) for guidance and at least pics of the final creation if not a video. The sketches are likely to be helpful to those who already have an idea on how to draw, cut and seam pattern pieces together. My pieces are fresh from mind. It's all about fabric and shapes for me as a designer and i do create these pieces under limited time as i'm ever so busy :D so the focus isn't on the detail. i'll do my best to label the sketches!

To read the full post, get the pattern and see the design visit:

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