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How to Lengthen a Sweatshirt for a Jacket

I'm HOME, and sewing/designing/writing like a crazy woman.  Here is a NEW technique for adding LENGTH to the available sweatshirt fleece when using my Fitting Method 2 for cutting up a sweatshirt and creating an awesome art-to-wear, 1-of-a-kind (cause you are, too, one-of-a-kind, that is) jacket!  Thanks to my awesome Assistant, Carol for this suggestion she made as a passing suggestion at a recent hands-on workshop.  Maybe we should call it the 'Carol Technique'?

With my new website, future Talking Patterns are going to be actually hosted right on my site.  Of course, you'll need the 'keys' to get into them, provided upon purchase of either the pdf or printed pattern booklets, but this new system is AWESOME and really, so much easier for me!!!  I've tried it out with this little FREEBIE.

Click HERE and then on each photo in order.  See the little audio bar at the bottom? Click on the arrow at the bottom, the audio will load, and be sure your computer speaker is turned up - and WALA, I'll come up and explain each photo/step!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun - and COMMENT here to let me know how you like it!

Find more Talking Patterns™ for both art-to-wear Jackets, and Artistic T's at my website.  Here are links to Jacket Patterns... and Artistic T's.


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Comment by Triciababe on May 14, 2013 at 5:58am

AWESOME idea!! Please record the vocal a little louder - can't hardly hear it on my pc with the volume up all the way. What an incredible idea with the talking patterns, wowwww!

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