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How to Make a Quilted Table Runner

By Mary Wilkins This easy, quick runner will set the mood for any celebration at home. Even a beginner at sewing can make this little runner for the coffee table or mantle. You could use themed fabric such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Graduation, Father's Day etc.

Supplies: 24 (2 inch) squares of bright fabric 24 (2 inch) squares of light fabric for contrast the border fabric is (4 inch) strips of dark fabric -- top and bottom are 25 inches long, sides are 6 inches long backing fabric, which will be cut to size when runner is completed

Instructions: Sew the 2" squares together checkerboard fashion as shown in the picture. 4 rows each with 12 squares. Sew the 4 rows together. Now cut your 4" wide side borders and sew to short edges. Cut 4" top and bottom borders and sew to long edges. Press seam allowances toward borders. Cut backing fabric and batting same size as top. Layer top (right side up)backing (right side down) and batting as shown. Sew around all four sides leaving about 6" open towards the middle for turning. Turn right side out, pushing corners out gently. Hand sew opening closed with matching thread. Machine stitch around center squares and inner border edges. There you go, you did it! A great little runner for your special day! Enjoy!

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