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How to Use Digital E Patterns For Sewing Clothes

by: Laura Marsh

E-patterns are just like normal sewing patterns, although there is one main difference, you will buy and e-pattern as a digital format either as a download or on a CD, where as a normal sewing pattern is printed on thin tissue paper.

Many of the major sewing pattern companies are starting to offer their patterns in digital format, normally there will be a saving on the cost for the consumer, as the company doesn't have to pay for the printing costs. Apart from the major sewing pattern companies, there are many other smaller independent sewing pattern makers who offer sewing patterns solely in digital format, which will give you a much more varied range than just those available from the big sewing pattern companies.

Once you have chosen your sewing e-pattern, you'll pay for it and download it (or wait for the CD to arrive if you've chosen that option). You'll find the sewing e-pattern will be in a digital format, this will normally be a pdf. Free pdf readers are available on the internet to enable you to open the file. Once open you simply following the printing instructions and print out your sewing e-pattern on your home printer.

You'll be left with pages that don't make much sense, but you need to assemble the pieces of the sewing e-pattern normally by matching up the numbers on the sides of each piece of paper, and stick them all together. Once you've stuck all the pieces together you'll be able to see your sewing e-pattern now looks like a normal sewing pattern, and you just treat it as a normal pattern. Cut the sewing e-pattern to the size of the garment you require, and use it to cut the fabric pieces and sew your garment together.

Sewing e-patterns are very easy to use, and should be treated as a normal sewing pattern with the added benefits of being much cheaper to buy and you have the ability to print another it you make any mistakes with the first one, where as normal tissue paper patterns will have to be replaced should you make any mistakes.

Another benefit to sewing e-patterns which is often overlooked is storage. Many sewers will know how frustrating it is to store sewing patterns in their paper envelopes, if you have a large collection often it can be hard to find the pattern you need or you'll find the pattern pieces don't fit back in the original envelope and they get lost. With sewing e-patterns you can store them on CD's or just saved on your computer and print them out when you need them, which makes for much easier, neater and more organised storage of your sewing patterns.

Written by Laura Marsh. Did you find this information on sewing e-patterns useful? For more sewing patterns and information visit

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Comment by Suze on May 29, 2009 at 11:27am
if you've never tried an Epattern and you would like to you might start at, they have many free, my tip is to try one designed by the burdastyle team first -all the guest designers are free downloads but burdastyle are the professionals so less chance of frustrations.

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