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I have treated myself to 2 Charlie's Aunt Patterns by Emma Brennan! (See Bag Pattern Gallery in Sewing purses channel)

I bought them from at 16.18 and received them at 16.25!  I downloaded them, and printed out The Poachers Bag (16 pages).

I did the front page on glossy photo paper so I got the full benefit of her pictures!  Then I did a bit of cutting and sticking and the pattern is ready to go.  I sat on the floor surrounded by bits of fabric and managed to narrow it down to a choice of two possible combinations -

The Coral is needlecord, the coral/green/beige is a heavy woven fabric, (a bit hessian-like) with a couple of interesting beige buttons, or

The chocolate is faux suede, the browns/cream is a smooth woven fabric, the 2 buttons are upside down as they are boring on the other side!

The coral is a bit more Summery,  so I guess I will go with that.  I have the interfacing so I just need to choose a nice lining material and I can start cutting out.

Found some coral cotton, but not enough to line the whole bag.  Think I'll use it to line the coral needlecord pocket on the front though.   I have this tablecloth with text on it which will be a fairly heavy lining for the bag, but it looks good.  I may make the interior pocket from the coral cotton though.

I can always make the other chocolate combo for the winter, or just use the faux suede and make this other version!  It is so fab, and it would look great in chocolate.  Yum!

I also bought the Home Guard Clutch Pattern....

... so much to sew, so little time!

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Comment by Karen on June 22, 2012 at 3:28am

Hi Neefer

Yes her book has sold really well, so I have ordered it from the library to have a look.  Your bag looks good! 

Comment by Neefer Duir on June 21, 2012 at 7:38pm

I was thinking that those patterns looked awfully familier.  I have the book!  It's a great book, and I really like the patterns in it.  One of the purses:

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