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It's been a super long time since I logged in....months.  But, I got busy with everything else and now, I'm missing all my SWN friends!  I am making quilts.  I have been making them a lot lately. I have about 5 tops that I have to hand quilt.  I have a quilt for my brother in my quilt frame.  It's a "goose creek" block, with Farmall tractors (aka International tractors).  It's in blacks, reds, and white.  It's pretty, but has a lot of quilting.  My fingertips are awful looking! I wouldn't even TRY to put on pantyhose at this point! I made a John Deere quilt for my grandson Noah.  My brother Gary LOVED IT!  So, I'm making his in the Farmall fabric.  My other brother Wayne would get his feelings hurt, so I'm in the process of figuring which block to make his from.  I'm using different wildlife fabrics for his.  Recently finished a "turning twenty" quilt in shades of green.  I worked on it in a large hoop in my van on the way to Houston, TX.  I finished it during the day using the same hoop while watching TV.  I was done in about 4 days, hemming and all.  Anyway, great to be back.  Keep up the good work on all these sewing projects, cuz I love to look at all the pics! 

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