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HI all,

SO you wont believe what kind of a day I had. I can assure you it wasn't productive in any way. I went about my usual daily routine for the beginning. I got my oldest off to school, made a pot of coffee and then things got weird. You see, this is where I usually would do some things of mine that I cannot do while the other kids are up, HOWEVER my 3 year old got up when I did ( which never happens) and then my 9 month old got up and my 5 year old ( again this never happens) So I had my coffee but played with the kids and looked forward to a productive afternoon. So after an early lunch I got my daughter ready for her afternoon kindergarten class but missed the school bus as she broke a glass as we were heading out the door and of course it needed to be cleaned up before we left. So instead I drove her to school. Once I got back home, I snuggled on the couch to watch my one afternoon show with my 3 year old. My 9 month old was down for his nap and things seemed to be back on schedule. Unfortunately i found myself so tired, I could not keep my eyes open and my 3 year old son felt the same so we fell asleep on the couch together for 2 hours.

We got up right before the other 2 kids and my husband got home. Only to be surprised by the firefighters at our door. It turns out there was a major gas leak a block over and we needed to evacuate our home until further notice. SO that's why I was so tired..... AHA! SO we packed up the kids and had to wait 5.5 hours until we were allowed back into our neighbourhood. They had in fact ended up evacuating almost 300 homes.

I am back home now but have accomplished nothing. Grrrrrrrrr. I am so glad to be back but I think I may stay up and try to catch up on what I meant to get done.

Has anyone else had a day like this?????

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