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I'm not very happy; indeed, I am most frustrated with my latest project.
I have to applique on some letters I have cut from a piece of alphabet material. They are lovely, almost, art deco type style, in squares.
Dead easy, I thought, squares, so I cut each letter out that I needed, put some freezer paper and tucked the seam allowance round and ironed it in place.
Then I tacked (or basted) them to the freezer paper to ensure they would stay.
Then I joined them up in the words I wanted.
Then I sewed them onto the fabric I was using.

Then I unpicked the whole lot, removed the freezer paper, unpicked absolutely everything!!!

I am back to square one.


And I have wasted soooooo much time. Aaaaarghh!!

Problems: 1) the fabric wouldn't tuck under easily and some bits were not precise enough even though I tried.
2) when I sewed the letters together to make the word, the fabric was easily distorted and I wanted a precise straight line, and it just wasn't working that way
3) When I sewed the squares onto the fabric, I chose to do a straight stitch which was a few mm from the edge, but it meant that some frayed edges were still visible. And I was trying to hide the stitching by buying co-ordinating colour cotton.

So. I am going to hand stitch them.

It's times like this that I am really aware I have not got the skills I need and yet I want my work to look perfect.

Wish me luck!!!!

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Comment by Judith Mercer on January 18, 2011 at 6:42am
Aw thanks so much Marsha, talk more later, I gotta go to work, I just popped on to see if anyone had any suggestions, so thanks, bye for now, judith
Comment by Marsha Egleston on January 16, 2011 at 6:29pm
Have you tried using fusible webbing? That is what I use for all my appliques, of course I really don't mind the frayed edges. Try fray check or some product comparable to it. Or perhaps use water soluble interfacing and when you are done just wet it instead of picking out the paper. Just a few suggestions...don't want you to get too frustrated.  Good luck!

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