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Ok, So I hope this is understandable. I get wood and dowel rods from what ever store you can purchase them. The dowel rods are about 3/8 inches I think. My husband cuts the wood into 4 inch circles and drills a h*** for the dowel rods to sit in securely. I know Michael s does sell pre-cut wood pieces but these are a heavier wood. I stain the wood bottom so that it looks nice with the doll body. My first step is to cut a piece of batting that fits the length of the dowel rod leaving about 2 inches off the top for the head to sit on. My wood is cut 3 inches and the dowel is 12 inches. I tape the batting into place. Depending on the figure I want I will tape tighter at the waist to give it a leaner appearance as in the gray angel. On top of the batting I wrap a length of wire that would be for the arms in an approximate of anatomical correctness. This also gets wrapped with batting but not as much as the body. On top of the arm/batting I tape from the left side back of the upper body to the left front. Loosely though so it just holds all together. I repeat that step from the right side to the back. The head is then placed on and additional batting stuffed into the chest plate area so that the head sits firmly. The hands are hot glued to the ends of the batting wrapped wire. She is then ready for what ever clothing you choose to put on her. I use wired ribbon formed in the shape of a large bow. I looked at wings when I started making them years ago and just didnt like the effect. The large bows are delicate and I just like the look. I think they compliment the angel without being lost, if you know what I mean. It is really basically simple and people have loved getting the angels I have made. Of course they may just want to be nice. If your heads are small you of course would make a smaller base for the angel.

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