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Here is my latest completed project.  It is the Jane Overshirt by StyleArc.  It was my first venture with the Australian patterns and I have to say I'm very please with the outcome.  The sizing is right on.  I did change the button spacing - my buttons were just a bit smaller than the pattern called for.  It called for 1/2' and didn't have enough to make me happy.  When I laid the buttons on the shirt at the pattern spacing, they looked insignificant.  I added buttons and it made it look much better, I think.  


I don't remember what the fabric content of this fabric is but it is light weight with a somewhat crisp hand and after washing, I was happy to discover it doesn't wrinkle much.  

If you haven't used StyleArc patterns before, they have minimal instructions and pictures.  I had started out with a 3/4 sleeve but couldn't get the slit to work to my liking so I cut it to the short sleeve.  I had been debating which length I wanted anyway.  I think I am actually happier with the short sleeve.


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Comment by Susan on September 12, 2013 at 12:56pm

You handled those stripes perfectly! 

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