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I have never blogged before, and I'm not much of a writer but I would like to share what I am doing with the wonderful women here.
I am just getting ready to begin my baby blanket business. I plan to make unique designs and sell them at festivals that are held here in the summer and maybe at the pier in Huntington Beach. They have an outdoor market several times a week and I may get a booth there.
I have quite a lot of fabric and I just ordered a bolt of batting that is supposed to be very good for baby quilts. It should be here tomorrow.
My quilts will not be traditional pieced but rather make use of special fabrics and some applique.

I have been making some costumes for a girl that is a color guard instructor and that was fun, but instead of making clothes etc. for people I want to enjoy making up designs and taking my time to make them, if I can make a few dollars also, that will be a bonus.

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