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Let's talk about being organized....

I enjoyed looking at Susan's post Sewing Room + Office Space = Clever combinations  and then I went on You Tube and browsed a few more people showing off their Sewing Rooms, to see if I could pick up any new tips.  The problem as always is that we all have different issues with our Sewing Space - or lack of it!

My sewing room is the conservatory, about 8 foot by 10 foot.  Often too cold, sometimes too hot but great light and views!  Due to the large quantity of glass,  my main storage is in cupboards.  I have fitted and filled three large chests of drawers, a small bedside chest and a small sideboard! 

I can't make it bigger to fit any more cupboards in, everything has to fit.  So here is how I store my stuff.

Drawer Number 1 - nearest to hand!  I have stacked some shallow plastic boxes that came from the Chinese Takeaway.  The top one, without a lid, has my small scissors, measuring gauge, seam ripper, marking pens and chalks.  In front of them are my margerine tubs.  One holds packs of pins, spare rotary blades, beeswax and tape measures.  The other holds my Clover Bobbin store, Prym Wonder Tape and my little hand sewing needles book.

In the boxes underneath -

Left - My machine tools - screwdrivers, cleaning brush, tweezers, spool holders, Clover bias tape maker,  Jean-a-ma-jig, and my rare and precious 2 needle inserter for my overlocker! 

In the drawer - My packs of hand sewing needles and a collection of Hat Pins

Down the side is the bobbin storage box where I keep my spare empty bobbins.

The next drawer across has my collection of colour sorted thread, in more margerine tubs.  Not ideal, but not bad.

Underneath the pinks and reds is another Chinese Takeaway box holding my fabric glue and fabric pens

Drawer number three - the rest of my threads, the zipped bag holds all my overlocker/serger feet, the wooden box holds all my sewing machine feet, and the clear plastic box is my pin cushion.

Drawer 4 - My new and as yet untried Flower Stitch Foot!  A Colman's mustard box holds my D Ring collection, the tall tub came from my other half and holds large Prym press studs.  At the back are more shallow, stacked boxes.  The top one is a "Peel Off" plastic storage box I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show last October.  It holds my collection of hooks & eyes and various press studs. 

The two boxes underneath are Bead Boxes.  One holds my Prym Vario Pliers and eyelet collection, the other holds my Rivet collection and tools, bag handle rings and fixings, cord ends and cord stops.

A combination of ice cream and margarine tubs hold my overlocker/serger threads. The top box at the back holds some vintage thread and wooden darning mushroom. Underneath on the left are embroidery threads. In the right box I keep Woolly Nylon and upholstery thread.

Sewing Storage 10

All my patterns are kept in zip lock bags, with card dividers - Kids, Adult Size 12 (vintage, from my youth!) Adult size 14+, Bags, Aprons, Toys.

Across the back are my A4 pdf patterns (all bags!) in clear punched pockets, held together with treasury tags.

I have 2 drawers of buttons. I recycled various jam jars, sprayed the lids gold and stuck on a Button label in the matching colour.  

The other drawer is similar but for buttons with shanks.  At the back is my Bead collection, stored in a Bead Storage Box.  There is another recycled plastic box there for my Self Cover button collection.

Sewing Storage 12

I store my shears, rotary cutter, bendy ruler, etc handy in this wooden kitchen utensils holder. It was one of my early attempts at painting roses!  On the right is my ice cream tub which holds my Hand and Machine Needle Organisers. Behind, my sewing books have a wooden wine crate as a bookcase!

Apart from that I stack wicker picnic baskets on my sideboard to store bags I have made and jobs yet to do.  I hang drawstring bags on the end of my tallboy to hold my foot controls and mini vacuum adaptor (to hoover my overlocker out).

Okay, that is probably enough for now, your eyes are probably glazing over.  This is all about sharing, so have any of you got a different method of storage to tell me about?

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Comment by Karen on May 7, 2014 at 3:33am

Hi Valerie

I was asked that by Beverly on my blog Sewing Machine Feet Organizer and did a reply there .  I don't do anything special but pop over and read my reply in the comments just in case it's helpful! 

Comment by Valerie Morris on May 6, 2014 at 9:18pm

Any suggestions for fabrics storage? Valerie

Comment by Hafsa Khalid on February 20, 2014 at 4:40am

Wow!! How neat and clever!! I love sewing!! but I  don't have a proper separate place for it...yet. I'm definitely going to keep these organized tips in mind when I arrange a sewing room!!! Thumbs up! =)

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