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by Mary Wilkins The look of a nice tablecloth on your table can create a warm, welcoming feeling. Here's an easy, quick simple one I made in about 15 minutes for a round table. 1. Measure the width of your table and add 24 inches. This is your working measurement and will give you about 11 inch drop around the table. 2. If your chosen fabric is not this wide, you will be making your tablecloth in panels. 3. Stitch panels together if need be, using 1/2" seam allowance. 4. Fold your fabric in half with right sides together. Now fold again in the other direction so you have your fabric in quarters. 5. Lay flat on table and measure from folded corner. Use a measuring tape as a guide. Pinning it to the corner, measure out the width of your table plus 10 inches. 6. Mark the radius on your fabric and cut out your shape. 7. Stitch around entire outer edge with a slightly tightened needle tension. The fabric will naturally curl a little. 8. Press under 1/4" or serge edge. Turn under 1/2" and stitch down using a little longer than usual straight stitch. Ease in the fullness as you stitch. That's it, simple and quick. You can make these up in no time. Every well-dressed kitchen should have one and every special occasion deserves a nice tablecloth. Besides, you should be showing off your sewing skills.

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