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of things that family is (and others are) requesting for me to sew for them.
So far....
DD #1 has requested a scarf, hat and mittens in black
DD #2 has requested a scarf, hat and mittens in black or another color, some rice heat therapy bags for use with her massage therapy clients and a tote bag for her business.
SIL has requested some boxers "that don't fall apart as soon as you buy them like the ones from the store".
and I want to make for myself a fleece blanket, and a couple of jumpers for summer, and work on 2 different gd some matching outfits.....
and a gal at work is wanting me to make her a "Colts" purse.

I'm going to make a list and hang it on my wall, so I can check things off as I go along.

How do you all keep track of things you want to do?

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Comment by Caf on January 4, 2009 at 12:07am
Happy New Year! I do so hope that this is a better one :)
Comment by Alexia on December 28, 2008 at 12:00pm
Making a list sounds like an ecellent idea. I too, already have some requests for items. DS wants a new pillow for his dorm room,youngest sis saw the purses for our nieces and asked for one, a friend wants crayon cozies for her kids,DD Megan wants something like the crayon cozy but a little bigger for her art pencils, DD Kim wants a skirt like mine (she likes what I like??????????? LOL).... it goes on and on. I guess it's time to get started.

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