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Good Sunday morning!

Yesterday was so lovely and breezy and warm, and now today we are expecting thundershowers again... but thundershowers are better than snow anytime! LOL!

I didn't get wash hung out yesterday like I wanted to, but I had worked the night before, and slept till 1pm! (I usually feel lazy the 1st day I am off!)

Hubby and I did get some grocery shopping done, so that makes me feel better. At least the cupboards are full again for the children coming home next week! YIPEE!!!

We also planned our gardens out for spring, and I plan on getting some seeds started today....

Today is also going to be "sewing room clean up" day... as in washing curtains and windows, and re-stacking fabrics in a proper manner so I can have some order in there! (looks like a tornado went through now...)! If I finish it up in due time, I plan on hitting the bathroom next and straightening cupboards and such. It's a small room, and doesn't need that much deep cleaning like the other rooms, so I may throw that one in with todays chores for good measure!

DH is probably going to need to just laze around today as his back is feeling quite pinched, and if he moves just one bit the wrong way, his back will go out and he'll be down for a couple of weeks! So I have him resting in his comfey chair with a hot pack to his back currently. He's got a cuppa coffee and watching a TV show..... gotta spoil my guy! (He's a good one!) :)

Well, as you can see.. nothing much is planned for the Hatfield weekend, just typical chores.... but that's ok, that's exactly what we need! *smile*

What's on your agenda today? Have you started your "Spring Cleaning" yet?

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Comment by Alexia on March 12, 2009 at 10:25pm
I am working all week this week. Sunday is DS's 22nd birthday and he is coming home from college for the weekend so most of the cleaning will have to wait til next week. I don't have any work days scheduled yet but that could change any time.

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