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Maybe I will learn to make my own patterns..........

Well, I don't know how everyone else feels about watching the contestants on Project Runway, but they make me want to go to design school! But, I'm 43, and there's not one just down the road from my house! So anyway, I  went to my local fabric store for a class on Pattern Making.  I kinda figured it was a sales pitch, and sure enough it was.  But, it was for the Lutterloh system, which I had read a LOT about on the internet.  I was really reluctant to buy it after only reading about it and watching the online demo, but after going to the class, I was sold.  I bought the system and the other supplies that I wanted to go with it.  I picked out 2 pieces of jersey and left the store.  I bought a Vogue pattern on a website and hope to make the jersey fabrics using this pattern.  I am really excited about the Lutterloh pattern system.  I wondered though if it would be applicable to commercial patterns.  It is! So, needless to say, I am looking forward to trying it this week.  I will be glad to post any pics of what I make, whether good or bad! So, wish me luck! Happy sewing!

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Comment by Sherri on April 17, 2011 at 12:09am
I agree about the cost.  But I figure that the patterns I buy will add up enough to pay for the Lutterloh system.  It can seem a bit intimidating when you see the video on YouTube on how to use the system.  But, I really caught on when I took the class at the fabric store.  Plus, along with the class you get a DVD that further explains things.  I have not had time to get it out and choose what to start son, age 18, got a concussion the other night playing baseball, only a few days before that, he hurt his hand and I had to take him to have it x-rayed.  My daughter, age 22, has been sick, so I have tried to help with my grandson more.  My hubby works 30 days at a time in Singapore, so everything at home falls on me.  But I will get around to digging into it, and boy am I looking forward to it!  I did hear that the Bernina system was good.  Also, Judith, you are doing the right thing with starting with your less desirable fabric to make something for the first time.  Very smart idea.  Wouldn't you hate to cut into the $12/yard stuff and mess it up, when you could have just started with $2 broadcloth to do a test run???!!! Been there....done that!  I will post pics of my Lutterloh things.  I just have PROBLEMS with commercial patterns fitting me! I usually cut them big----really big, then cut and adjust as needed.  Such a pain! Anyway, thanks for all of the comments! Happy sewing!
Comment by Gloria Allender on April 14, 2011 at 8:42am
OK. I guess I'll have to Google the Lutterloh system also. I've never heard of it. A lady in our ASG neighborhood group has the Bernina pattern drafting software, My Label. She loves it! She is a retired school teacher and told us that for the first time in her life she has pants that fit. While that sounds really nice and as much as I think I want to draft my own patterns, I realize I'd rather spend the time sewing and embellishing the fabric as opposed to actually drafting the pattern.
Comment by Andrea Schlickbernd on April 13, 2011 at 6:19pm
Hey, i just looked this up via google search and I must say, very interesting. Yes, please do share your projects as well as commentary on how things are working. I'd love to try it out but for the money, I want to make sure it really does!! 
Comment by Judith Mercer on April 10, 2011 at 3:27pm
Hi sheri, please do put photos on, they are so inspiring to others, well, at least to me, lol, i love looking at other people's work.
I have no idea about the Lutterloh system, so i am intrigued. I am going websurfing to see what it is that you are talking about!!
I am interested in making clothes, have a couple of comprehensive books that seem to cover most things. I havent actually made anything but i have bought a pattern for bags, (so much more complicated than i actually realised!) and a pattern for a mens waistcoat for my hubby. He seems to think i can just knock it up really quickly, he doesn't realise how long these things take !! Mad fool! I'm thinking of making one out of tatty material i have just to see how it comes out, then buying smart fabric to make the real one with.
Let me know how you're getting along.
I love Project runway too. Gossip, intrigue o yes and creating lol

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