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Sewing the Tropical Vibe Sleeveless Sundress - McCalls Pattern 6957

I bought this pattern as I liked the simple design, a front and two backs and enough fulness to give a nice drape.  No facings, just narrow hems finishing the neckline, armholes and hem. I believe the fishtail version is quite fashionable now, but I am going to make the normal hem.  I bought some cheap and cheerful jersey on e-bay to try it out with.

It's neon pink, I'm not sure I like it but it is just for a muslin. It's actually nice and soft and hangs well.  I  cut it out using tins to weigh the pattern down and my rotary cutter.

The instructions said to use a 'double stitch' for the construction, so I used two rows of narrow zig-zag for the centre back seam.  I used a tricot stitch (a.k.a. three-step zig-zag) to finish the neck and armhole edges, and a single narrow zig-zag for the hem.

I had originally intended to make view D with long sleeves, as I wanted to make muslin for a Mother Christmas outfit in crushed velvet with white marabou trim!  Then I changed my mind halfway through and skipped the sleeves so I could make it a summer dress instead. 

Unfortunately I spoilt the armholes in the process by stretching them.  They are far too deep and show the side of my bra.  I put it away and forgot about it until the sun shone the following year.  By that time, I had lost weight and it hung off me, so I stuck it back in the sewing machine and took it in an inch on both sides, and corrected the armhole size problem!  

Now it fits better.  What I can see is that I didn't bother think to match the pattern down that back seam, so I have added that step to the instructions ready for next time, just in case there is a next time!  Of course I would be making the smaller size, checking the armscye depth and adding clear stretch elastic to stabilize the neck and arm edges!

It is actually a lovely dress to wear; you can see here how well it drapes.  Even the neon pink has grown on me, and the weather has been perfect too, quite tropical for rural England (sadly so much so the weeds and the grass are growing madly).  

Out of the things I have made since trying to sew with knits I still haven't worn the baby doll dress. It wasn't warm enough for winter and now it is both too warm and too big!  I have worn my Surplice top a lot, and I love it.  Sadly the other top I made was hot in the summer, cold in the winter and the neckline was far too wide for my shoulders, which is a shame, as it was a lovely looking fabric.  I made notes on the pattern.

I do love the fabric I used for the baby doll, again it is very soft on the skin and drapes well.  I am thinking of taking it in, shortening the sleeves to above the elbow and shortening it to make it into a top; but that's for another day!

In the meantime, I can enjoy my McCalls 6957 summer dress and the good weather!

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